The Moxy Byrd

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They said that the world had ended and the Dome was the only way. They lied.

Life after the nuclear apocalypse may not be easy, but Amia Risk is thankful. She’s safe and protected from the nuclear wastelands outside by the Dome. And sure, there may be monsters and famine inside, but outside there’s only death. So, she keeps her chin up and fights to protect her family and neighbors. 

When her clan finds itself at odds with the Dome government, she sets out to find a way to set things right. Instead, she meets a revolutionary who forces her to question everything she ever believed about the Dome and the outside world. Together, they set out on a path that will put them at direct odds with the Dome government.

Then, the Dome actually comes down, and Amia finds herself an unwanted refugee in the small Virginian town of Wytheville. Now, she must create a new life and identity for herself in a world full of dangers and technologies she cannot understand. Most importantly, she must hide her past involvement with the revolution as it is now the target of the American government. Should her past revolutionary activities be found out, not only Amia, but all of the revolution will be in grave danger.

Can Amia restart her life without getting captured? Or will she be forced to fight not only the Dome but American governments to keep the revolution safe? 

Note from Miranda

Hello all, thank you for checking out The Moxy Byrd.

At the heart of The Moxy Byrd is the story of an immigrant struggling to find balance between the two parts of herself. As an immigrant myself, I find the relationship between people’s identities and their personal circumstances to be fascinating. So I wanted to break that relationship down and look at all angles of people’s stories of immigration.

This is why the Moxy Byrd doesn’t just focus on how Moxy came to be where she is, but how she changes. Not only that, but I wanted to really capture how much social standing immigrants may lose in their new country. This is why the story of Moxy Byrd works back and forth between her past and present. I really wanted people to understand the sad irony of her new life as an uneducated grocery store clerk. I hope that Moxy’s story will help people take a look at the immigrants around them and consider why they may be where they are and how that may feel to them. 

I hope that you find new perspective about the world as you read The Moxy Byrd. I hope that it keeps you as engaged and excited as it kept me as I wrote it.