The Cornered Bear

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Is the revolution desperate enough to play with fire?

The Revolutionary Council convenes to discuss the increasingly dire conditions within the Dome and to determine Sapphire’s fate. Two paths are solidified for the defective fox witch: death, or becoming the revolution’s secret weapon. As matters escalate, Jorgen finds himself torn between his moral compass and Simon’s cold, hard logic, leading him to make a decision that will put not only himself, but the entire revolution at risk.

Meanwhile, Amia’s eyes are opened to the hard reality of the revolution as she joins Captain Song Hong’s team in the fight to protect the clans from tax day. When a suspicious ally appears with reports of a missing clan, Amia, Ollie, and Molly find themselves pitted against a new government-made monster straight out of a nightmare. 

Will Sapphire survive the revolution? Can Simon and Jorgen overcome this newest obstacle with their conscience intact? Will Amia be killed in the night by the mysterious water shadows? 

Find out in the action-packed third book in the Sammy Silvertooth’s Guide to Revolution series.

Note from Miranda

Hello all, thank you for checking out The Cornered Bear.

In this book, I took on a topic that’s very personal to me, orphaned children. You see, I’m the mother of three adopted sons. Their stories all look very different, but there is one overarching theme; their lives were shaped by the choices of adults, often for the worse. This is the reality for children everywhere, but for parentless children, many times the people who make decisions for them do not have their best interests at heart. 

As I wrote The Cornered Bear, I did a lot of research, from child trafficking to child soldiers, all with the goal of better understanding what life is like for children who are raised up in dangerous places. I considered pulling the punches, but when I started out as a writer, I decided that whether people liked me or hated me, I would be honest with them. 

That said, one of the Armarian children gets trafficked in this story. I’ll leave out all of the details because I don’t want to give you spoilers, but I do want to warn you. There are no descriptive sex scenes, and I deal more with the child’s feelings about what’s happening than what is actually happening. 

If you’re wondering why in the world I decided to take the story here, the main reason is because I want to be honest about what happens to kids who don’t have adults to protect them. Unfortunately, the Armarian kids fall into a really vulnerable subsection of youth; they’re immigrants, completely orphaned, and uneducated. As much as I wanted to pretend that they’d end up happy, it just didn’t seem honest.