Sammy Silvertooth’s Guide to Revolution

In the Dome, it’s hard to know who to believe…

They said that the world had ended and the Dome was the only way. They lied.

Life after the nuclear apocalypse may not be easy, but Amia Risk is thankful. She’s safe and protected from the nuclear wastelands outside by the Dome. And sure, there may be monsters and famine inside, but outside there’s only death. So, she keeps her chin up and fights to protect her family and neighbors.

When her clan finds itself at odds with the Dome government, she sets out to find a way to set things right. Instead, she meets a revolutionary who forces her to question everything she ever believed about the Dome and the outside world. Together, they set out on a path that will put them at direct odds with the Dome government.

Then, the Dome actually comes down, and Amia finds herself an unwanted refugee in the small Virginian town of Wytheville. Now, she must create a new life and identity for herself in a world full of dangers and technologies she cannot understand. Most importantly, she must hide her past involvement with the revolution as it is now the target of the American government. Should her past revolutionary activities be found out, not only Amia, but all of the revolution will be in grave danger.

Can Amia restart her life without getting captured? Or will she be forced to fight not only the Dome but American governments to keep the revolution safe?

Find out in book 1 of the Sammy Silvertooth’s Guide to Revolution Series, The Moxy Byrd.

If you liked the Hunger Games or the Divergent series, you’ll love this fast-paced, non-stop thrill ride!

A little girl with the power to save or destroy the revolution. But whose side is she really on?

Barely recovered from her last encounter with a fox witch, Amia sets out with Simon to find safety within the revolution. Unfortunately, the wilderness of the Dome turns out to be more dangerous than either of them could have imagined. Between horrible monsters and dangerous government officials, the future doesn’t look bright for the Armarian refugees.

Along the way, they stumble across a little girl who may hold the key to defeating the government. But can she be trusted? Until they know for sure, Amia must keep the little girl safe. If she succeeds, she may finally have a way to get free of the Dome. If she fails, the government will have a new weapon to add to their arsenal. Amia and all of the Armarian children’s lives hang in the balance.

Can Amia find a way to keep not only herself, but her children safe? Buy ‘The Frightened Fox’ and find out!

Is the revolution desperate enough to play with fire?

The Revolutionary Council convenes to discuss the increasingly dire conditions within the Dome, and to determine Sapphire’s fate. Two paths are solidified for the defective fox witch: death, or becoming the revolution’s secret weapon. As matters escalate, Jorgen finds himself torn between his moral compass and Simon’s cold, hard logic, leading him to make a decision that will put not only himself, but the entire revolution at risk.

Meanwhile, Amia’s eyes are opened to the hard-reality of the revolution as she joins Captain Song Hong’s team in the fight to protect the clans from tax day. When a suspicious ally appears with reports of a missing clan, she, Ollie, and Molly find themselves pitted against a new government-made monster straight out of a nightmare.

Will Sapphire survive the revolution? Can Simon and Jorgen come through this newest obstacle with their consciences still intact? Will Amia be killed in the night by the mysterious water shadows?

Find out in the action-packed third book in the Sammy Silvertooth’s Guide to Revolution Series.

“Oh, so a little girl who can’t control her temper has the right to lop off a fellow’s finger just because it’s training? On my word, if you’d gotten eaten today, it would have served you right, you know.”

-Justin Star